Commencement Platform is Overwhelmingly White

Only 1.7% of CU Denver Faculty is Black

12/15/20231 min read

Wake Up!, Speak Out! is encouraged that Coach Prime is opening conversations about race at the University of Colorado. Coach Prime bemoaned the paucity of soul food in Boulder and has asked Black members of the press to explain some aspects of Black culture to White members of the press. Referring to the fans at Folsom Field, Coach Deion Sanders said “But I looked in the stands and it wasn’t a white crowd or a Black crowd. It was a Buffalo crowd. That’s what it was.”

We congratulate all the students graduating this semester. As you enjoy the commencement ceremonies, look on stage and ask yourself if you see White CU leadership or Black CU Leadership? Denver is 9% Black, yet the faculty of CU Denver is just 1.7% Black. Wake Up!, Speak Out! tried to bring racial equity to CU Denver, but we were met with resistance and retaliation. Join us at to help make faculty diversity match student diversity.