CU causes the retraction of Prof. Cronin's article with deadly consequences

8/11/20232 min read

woman in black shirt wearing black sunglasses
woman in black shirt wearing black sunglasses

Silence about racism is racist. Uncover the truth about racism at the University of Colorado. Learn about the systemic issues that persist despite the university's claims of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Find out why exposing this truth is crucial for change. The truth cannot be silenced.

One way for racism to persist at CU is by silencing that who try to expose racism. The CU Privilege and Tenure Committee Chaired by Dr. Stephen Cass recommended that Dr. Cronin be dismissed because "Dr. Cronin also engages in this practice of labelling specific colleagues as “racists” in his professional presentations (see Exhibit L, pages 122-8) and in his publications. This behavior in both the teaching and research (professional presenting and publication) contexts demonstrate a lack of integrity and lack of professional competence."

Prof. Cronin countered this claim directly to the Regents of Colorado: "Revealing racism is acting with integrity, and is protected by the Civil Rights Act. Opposing racism is acting with integrity, and is protected by the Civil Rights Act. Being anti-racist is acting with integrity, and is protected by the Civil Rights Act." By dismissing Prof. Cronin, the Regents of Colorado silenced his anti-racism efforts, enabling the racist status quo to continue at CU.

Dr. Cronin published a peer-reviewed paper about using a music video public service announcement to get life-saving public health information to poor people during an epidemic (Cronin 2015). Prof. Chair Swallow and Prof. Diana Tomback wrote a slanderous letter to the editor of the journal that accused Dr. Cronin of plagiarism, and called for the article to be retracted. Dean Bollard admitted that Drs. Swallow and Tomback did this "Because you accused them and the Dean of racism in a published article in a public forum." The journal bowed to this pressure (e.g., Drs. Swallow and Tomback were represented by CU Counsel Chris Puckett), and Dr. Cronin's freedom of speech and academic freedom were infringed upon. CU later accused the journal of being on Beall's list of predatory journals. Ironically, CU also infringed upon Prof. Jeffrey Beall's academic freedom when they interfered in his efforts to maintain the famous list.

Public health experts agreed that the video music PSA was a good way to get life-saving information to people, especially poor or remote people with limited access to information, during an epidemic or pandemic. Unfortunately, the retraction of Cronin 2015 removed this valuable public-health tool from the peer-reviewed literature, making it unavailable for the Covid-19 pandemic. Prof. Cronin and Haitian artists made a video to teach Haitians how to avoid COVID-19, but we will never know how many of the 7 million dead could have been saved by a similar music video PSA.