Regents of Colorado are Criminal

CU Regents Filed False Documentation to Cover Up Racism

10/24/20232 min read

The public notice above was copied from the CU Regents' webpage on 2/24/2021. Notice that the Regents were "to discuss a personnel matter at CU Boulder".

Citizens of the US are learning that co-conspirators of former president Donald Trump pleaded guilty of filing false documents. It is being reported here for the first time that the Regents of the University of Colorado also filed false documentation in their conspiracy to fire Prof. Greg Cronin. Laws of the Regents state that tenured faculty can only be dismissed during a public hearing. In all previous dismissal cases, the CU Regents heard the case for dismissal, and then finalized the dismissal during a public hearing at a later date.

The CU Regents heard the dismissal case of Prof. Cronin on Feb. 12, 2021 and immediately dismissed him without a public hearing. Colleagues, students, and other members of the public never had the opportunity to comment on the dismissal. The Regents later falsified a “Public Notice” to give the illusion that Dr. Cronin was dismissed during a public hearing. Anyone can see the evidence of falsification by comparing the public notice above with the public notice below. The falsification may only be the deletion of a few words, but those words are significant for the way that the Regents conduct business and the purpose of the changes.

Dr. Cronin asked the University of Colorado when the public hearing for his dismissal would be heard, and was told that it was held on Feb. 12, 2021. There was no public hearing on that date, and Prof. Cronin, who was tenured at the University of Colorado Denver, never received notice of a public hearing regarding his dismissal. Dr. Cronin said "The University of Colorado did not want the public to know that I was being dismissed for racist reasons, which is why CU quietly dismissed me without a public hearing. The Regents are willing to break the law, including their own laws, in order to cover up racism."

To cover up their criminal behavior, the Regents falsified the public record to make it appear as though Dr. Cronin's dismissal was conducted at a public hearing. On some date after Feb. 24, 2021, the Regents of CU falsified the public notice, as can be seen below. CU Regents, President, Chancellors, Deans, Faculty, and attorneys broke other rules in their conspiracy to cover up racism at CU.