University of Colorado Illegally Ships Chemical Waste to the Parents of Faculty Member in Retaliation for Exposing Racism: No Charges Filed Yet truthfully documents racism at the University of Colorado Denver, including racist attitudes towards Haiti and the retaliation directed towards Prof. Greg Cronin for his work in Haiti. This post is out of chronological order with other posts but is made now because the statute of limitations clock is ticking for these violations of chemical dumping laws. Dr. Cronin’s settlement with CU protects them from civil claims, but CU remains responsible for the laws they broke when they shipped unknown chemical and pharmaceutical waste across state lines without proper safeguards, warnings, permits, and disclosures.

5/23/20242 min read

After the Regents of Colorado illegally fired Prof. Cronin, Chair John Swallow authorized the shipping of unknown chemical and pharmaceutical waste from the Department of Integrative Biology to the private residence of the parents of Prof. Cronin in Kansas. CU Denver did this without notifying or warning of Mr. and Mrs. Cronin of the hazardous shipment that arrived on two large pallets and occupied so much space that Mrs. Cronin had to park her car outside in the snow. The unknown mixtures of laboratory chemicals were not noticed for several months until Prof. Cronin had a chance to move the pallets. An unsafe package caused chemicals to splash all over the arm of Prof. Cronin. Chemical spills were left on the floor of Mr. and Mrs. Cronin’s garage. Multiple people, including their grandchildren, were unwittingly exposed to the mixture of chemicals over the months that pallets sat there.

Prof. Cronin immediately notified Chancellor Michelle Marks that CU Denver had shipped mixed chemical wastes to the private residence of his parents without notice or permission, where children and elders were potentially exposed. She was notified that the private residence lacked safety equipment required in university research laboratories. Prof. Cronin requested a manifest or list of chemicals that were in the shipment. If Chancellor Marks was concerned about the health of individuals exposed to these unknown chemicals, she would have immediately mobilized experts in hazardous materials and exposures. She did not do this. If Chancellor Marks was concerned that shipping unknown chemicals to a private residence across state lines might be a violation of the law, she would contact an attorney. This is the action she took. Chancellor Marks contacted Chris Puckett, who has a history of protecting CU in their retaliations against Prof. Cronin. Chancellor Marks never communicated with the Cronins, but Mr. Puckett sent Prof. Cronin an email that tried to blame him for being responsible for the chemicals that CU shipped to his parents’ home. Prof. Cronin stated “Chris Puckett and Chancellor Marks are low-life scum for trying to blame me for exposing my family to unknown chemical waste. My parents used the garage daily, and I know my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews, and other loved ones used the garage where CU had chemical waste shipped. CU does not have the ethical standards to admit mistakes. Instead, they use bullying tactics to cover their ass, from racist chairs like John Swallow all the way up to criminal Regents.”

Fortunately, CU’s lack of ethics is matched by their lack of competence. CU Counselors Chris Puckett and Megan Clark settled with Prof. Cronin without including non-disclosure or non-disparagement agreements. Ironically, they criticized Prof. Cronin’s competence in the process. Prof. Cronin preserved the freedom to share factual information at Prosecutors of environmental regulations or other members of the press should contact Prof. Cronin for supporting documents. And of course, CU should sue Dr. Cronin for slander if any of this information is untruthful. Though this is a public document, Dr. Cronin sends a copy of the document to involved parties so they can press charges, respond, or offer corrections. To date, no information from has been impeached or retracted.